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The Casa Marta (or “the Marta House”) will be the future reference point for Pediatric Palliative Care in Tuscany and will be designed to host children with complex chronic diseases, to support them and their families in the delicate phase between hospitalisation and returning to their own home. 

The building that will house the future Casa Marta Pediatric Hospice Center is owned by the Florence Solidarietà Caritas Non-Profit Foundation and has been granted for use free of charge. The Casa Marta Foundation will oversee its complete restoration, restructuring and reconversion into a highly specialized health care center.

Located near the Meyer Children’s Hospital, the structure spans two floors for a total area of about 490 square meters and is surrounded by a large garden of about 930 square meters.

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Today in Italy, not all small patients in need of paediatric palliative care receive the assistance they need. By contributing to the creation of Casa Marta, you will help children and their families spend the period of passage from the hospital to their own homes in a safe, protected environment that is outfitted with all the necessary equipment.

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The Casa Marta Foundation was begun for the purpose of creating the Casa Marta Pediatric Hospice Center.

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With your donation, you can help support the Pediatric Hospice Center restructuring project and participate in the activities of the Foundation.

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