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Tax benefits

Discover what advantages apply to you!

The Casa Marta Foundation is a non-profit organization with legal standing (Regional Register of Tuscany). It fulfills all the requirements of the applicable rules to allow donors to enjoy the relevant tax benefits (according to Italian law).

*Donors donating from outside of Italy will themselves need to confirm tax benefits in their own countries.

For legal persons that do not receive income as an entrepreneur:

Cash payments to the casa marta foundation are deductible from the income tax of the donor in the amount of 30% of the amount paid up to the limit of 30,000.00 euros (Art. 1 paragraph 103 Stability Law 2015 – Italy).

For all contributors

Liberal cash and/or in kind payments made to the casa marta foundation may be deducted up to a limit of 10% of the declared income in the same tax year. if the deduction is not recovered in full in the year, it is possible to include it and then deduce it in the declarations of the subsequent 4 years. (italian law 80/2005).

Don’t forget to keep track

Of your payment slip, for donations made via postal note.

Of your credit card statement, for donations made with credit cards.

Of your bank statement, for donations made via bank transfer or direct deposit.