The call of the Italian Pediatric Hospitals at the Spoleto Festival

“It is essential to fully implement the State Regions agreement of March 2021: the right to pediatric palliative care must be effectively guaranteed to children, also through the creation of Pediatric Hospices dedicated to children, in many parts of our country”.

These  the words of President Alberto Zanobini, in the appeal launched by the Association of Italian Pediatric Hospitals during the “Festival dei Due Mondi” in Spoleto.

Today, in Italy, only 5% of minors benefit from pediatric palliative care

Pediatric palliative care is a care approach capable of guaranteeing minors suffering from incurable diseases and their families the best possible quality of life, thanks to the work of specialized professionals who offer support and assistance by alleviating the physical, psychological and emotional suffering of the little ones patients.

Talking about Pediatric Palliative Care is a duty

Original: Raising public awareness of pediatric palliative care is a task that the Casa Marta Foundation carries out on a daily basis thanks to the work of all the volunteers. It is necessary to ensure that this theme is studied in depth so as to give it the attention it deserves.

Casa Marta: la prima struttura residenziale in Toscana di Cure Palliative Pediatriche

Casa Marta sarà la prima struttura residenziale della Toscana di Cure Palliative Pediatriche che ospiterà i bambini e le loro famiglie facendo da ponte tra ospedalizzazione e ritorno al proprio domicilio. Ma non solo: l’edificio diventerà un vero e proprio centro di formazione medica in Cure Palliative Pediatriche con il sostegno dell’Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer.