Add a dish to the table

“Add a dish to the table” is our new awareness and fundraising campaign to support the renovation works currently underway and create Casa Marta, a pediatric hospice in Tuscany by 2024.


It is aimed at restaurants, bistros, pizzerias, wine bars and all those establishments in Tuscany and beyond that wish to contribute in a concrete way to the creation of Casa Marta by dedicating a special dish from their menu to it.

The places that support us indicate on their menu the dish or what they consider most suitable (it can also be a drink or something else) highlighting it with our logo and indicating which part of the amount will be allocated to Casa Marta.

A charity initiative that is good for everyone, where even a small contribution is important to carry out a social responsibility project for Tuscany.


A good dish is twice as good

Even just one dish is enough to make a difference and add a gesture of solidarity to moments of lightheartedness.

A good dish is good twice, in fact whoever chooses the dish marked on the menu or indicated on the poster displayed with the Casa Marta logo, knows that by choosing it, part of the amount will be donated to the Casa Marta Foundation.