“When love and expertise work together, you expect a masterpiece”

This sentence contains the entire spirit of the XXIX SICP National Congress (Italian Society of Palliative Care) which was held in Riccione from 17 to 19 November, in which various professionals in the sector including doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers participated in large numbers. of associations that throughout Italy deal with quality of life right up to the last moment. Our Casa Marta Foundation was also present with Franca Benini, Simona Cacace and Fabio Borrometi from the Scientific Technical Committee.

“Competence and responsibility in care”

The common thread chosen this year, in continuity with that of the Palliative Care Networks of the last edition, is “COMPETENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY IN CARE”

Within the current scenario in which the healthcare system is in a phase of epochal transition, the specific discipline, like all the others, will have to strengthen its identity by giving ever more value to competence and responsibilities.

The idea is that Palliative Care Networks need professionals and volunteers who have the sensitivity and knowledge that make it possible to truly take care of people suffering from chronic developmental pathologies at an increasingly earlier stage, with capable, new, but increasingly integrated, appropriate, proportionate and shared.

And health services need networks made up of professionals who possess specific and increasingly refined skills, who can direct and guide the transition that the health system is undergoing.




Orizzonti di sapere

Journalist Ferruccio De Bortoli: “It is fundamental to respect the dignity of life to the full while in our society there is a degradation of rights when an individual becomes ill and is on the verge of death.” Then, addressing the healthcare workers, he highlighted: “you are different horizons of knowledge with extraordinary humanity and competence: if these horizons could be spread to all social parts they would be an element of growth for the whole community”.